About Us


We wish to change the next 7 generations through building positive impact on community through all arts, wellness, history driven programs, cultural exchanges, technology, veteran engagement and all other issues that effect the human condition.


Danny Asberry El - President CEO

Born May 18, 1982, Danny Asberry El created the idea of Solel International in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2005. This came about after he and FC SAYAW Unlimited created of movement/organization called Movemiento de Libertad. It included an international band of individuals that made historic contributions to Bahrain in the fields of dance and cultural expression. The Movement involved representatives of Egypt, Bahrain, United States of America, Philippines, Argentina, Thai Land, India, Ethiopia, Cuba and more. After successfully raising over 500,000 US dollars for Hurricane Katrina Victims and the Typhoon Victims in the Philippines while creating a new type of economy for Bahraini Musicians and Dancers, Asberry El got the urge to bring arts and culture back to his old neighborhood in Northeast Houston, Texas. 

Solel International was founded on the idea that you can tell your story with your song, culture, science and experience. This came about because Asberry El felt that boxes of race cannot possibly hold your all of your life, humanity nor history. He maintains that the arts and vast cultural paradigms should be accessible to the Northeast Houston populous as well as the rest of the city. The non profit obtained its exemption status in late 2014.          

Being of the Autochthonous Diaspora himself , a Moorish American, he is influenced by his Puerto Rican Madrina (Godmother) Chicke, his Mother (Sandra) from Louisiana and Father (Danny) whom are both of well documented Moabite and Egyptian roots, he prides himself on versatility, history and love. You can often here him saying "Learning of yourself is one thing but being yourself is another thing in its entirety" . 

LaTryce Anderson - Vice President

LaTryce danced with Harambee and Orchesis including a prestigious role in a dance entitled, "Get Over It" choreographed by the TSU-San Marcos Dance Department with Director, Dr. JoAnne Hayes. In her final years, she served as member of The Black Student Alliance and received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science and Dance. Ebony Players, Hephzibah, Women of Praise and Exodus Dance Theatre (now Talitha Cumi) to name a few, are dance companies she has performed with. In 2002, Resurrection Baptist Church hired LaTryce to choreograph and teach a boot camp for over 200 kids and teens, which she completed in one day and was placed in charged of all of their dance groups. In 2005, her Dance Company became officially a full-time business. LaTryce also worked for the Vice President of USAA Insurance company and the Chief Cardiologist Department on the Lackland Air Force Base. While performing at different venues in Houston and Dallas, LaTryce trained with internationally known professionals such as Corky Ballas, the father of Mark Ballas, who both were on Dancing with the Stars. She trained with Nationally known instructors, like Damon and Lisa D'Amico; choreographed and sung with International Recording Artist Kim Burrell and Lakewood Church. In 2008, LaTryce became an editor for international authors with Kendria Moore Publications and Author, Phenderson Djèlí Clark of Tor.com Publishing. 

Since 2012, LaTryce has served as co-editor and manager for Prophetic Flow Ministries and was the event promoter/executive producer for two major lounges in West and Midtown Houston and edited three local films. She now serves as the Owner and Producer of BYC Studios; The Producer, Director and Writer at Art Flow Media and Art Flow Network. She’s also The Joint CEO of Pre L’Orgasme by Chef TeLysa. LaTryce also serves an Event Coordinator for The International Soccer Festival & The Texas Lunar Festival. She’s currently producing a Feature Film/television show called, “Agenda 12,” an anthology documentary called, “Her Story II,” along with 5 other film and animation projects. LaTryce serves as manager, publicist and business consultant for various artists in Texas, Minneapolis, Georgia, Maryland & Florida. Recently, LaTryce became Vice-President of Solel International & is the dance partner of Daniel-Andrew Asberry-El, the Founder and President of Solel International. She was awarded Thumbtack.com’s Top Pro for 2014, 2015 and 2016. LaTryce’s philosophy is to create a legacy for her family and a future for others. 

Eva Elias - Cabinet Chair - Director of Arts Interaction

Eva Elias is Presidential Cabinet member of Solel International Org, a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization that provides services to improve quality of life for autochthonous people nationally and internationally . She consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to bring fashion and art to the forefront in Houston, TX in a more diverse way integrating the rich diverse cultures that encase the city of Houston along with showcasing named diversity in all facets that include the arts which ties into Solel’s mission statement goal(s). 

Born in Jersey City, NJ, Eva now lives with her partner and Artist Michel FG along with son Julio and pet dogs in Texas. Eva has worked in the financial field for over 16+ years as a financial advisor.  She currently heads the synergy of Evalushion which is an online fashion and art boutique along with Revalushion Management, a talent management co that includes models, artists, makeup artists, etc. She has successfully placed her model(s) and makeup artists in fashion shows/runways with the most recent being in New York Fashion Week Fall 2016.   She is also one if not the only talent management company/agency currently in Houston that can successfully guarantee to place models in a NYFW fashion show/event with guarantee that they will walk the runway during aforementioned highly sought after event.  

William Allen Johnson El - Head of the Office of Treasury

WIlliam Allen Johnson El serves as Treasurer for Solel International. His service to the autochthonous community is near and dear to his heart. His family is from Louisiana. He descends from the ancient Moroccans born in North America before colonialization and the creation of the United States of America. As part of the autochthon of North America his nationality is considered to be Moorish-American. His organization Fathers' R Us, a private association that informs fathers better methods of parental behavior and understanding, is also an official partner to Solel International under its Personal Development wing. He is treasurer due to his unwavering commitment, integrity and highly professional ethical standards. He also has a son Akil who's proving that one day he will walk in his fathers footsteps.  

Desmond Jones- Cabinet Chair, Head of Department of Technology

Desmond Jones loves to support the local poetry community and celebrate the beauty of spoken word. He is a Houston native that likes to support a good cause. For 5 years as a Software Engineer he helped develop and test real-time simulation software for the (NASA) International Space Station at the Space Station Training Facility. In recent years he has focused on developing mobile applications and interactive models. Desmond currently serves as Primary Chair of the Solel International's Technology department.

Orlando Redwood- Cabinet Chair, Head of Redwood Shotokan Karate and Martial Arts Division

With membership to Solel International you, your family and friends will enjoy 15 dollar a month classes by the international 9th degree black belt R S K, Hanshi Orlando Redwood. Born in Panama, Redwood knew then he would follow karate because of his attraction for discipline, self confidence, self esteem and brotherhood. He seeks to prepare the way for the next generation of international brothers and sisters.

Hortencia Smith- Presidential Cabinet member of Solel International

Hartentica Smith is the 1st chair of Solel International's Arts and Culture Department she heads up Balet Folklorico Ritmos y Vibriciones de Panama and proudly performs for the Embassy of Panama. She has served in the Houston Black Heritage Society, Solel's A-FEST 2015 and 16 and was an integral part of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Chase Bank.

Akil Chester / Volunteer Independent Consultant - Assists the Solel treasurey dept

Graduate and Collegiate Athlete of the University of Rhode Island, Akil currently Assists as a volunteer consultant to our treasury department.  Even though he worked with billion dollar corporations such as  BNY Mellon, State Street Corporation and Brown Brothers and Harriman (just to name a few), he still commits to helping Solel International reach its financial and outreach goals.