Rethink Experience - Solel International

Solel International is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to ignite passion for human environmental unity and empowerment through the Arts, Culture, History, Media, Diversity and professional services. We are also dedicated to improving quality of life of all autochthonous people and descendants. (All people)

Our Work Serves to Prevent The following

  • isolation
  • fragmentation
  • disjointedness
  • suicide
  • depression

Our Work Combats 

  • Self placed limitations
  • community deterioration
  • juvenile delinquency
  •  adult and juvenile crime
  •  compounded disparities and marginalization
  • some handicaps namely autism

We use our methods to

  • Expand the experiences of the underprivileged and overlooked all over the world creating a more open global and local impression
  • Restore confidence and connectedness
  • Expose others to the creative spirit diversity has to offer
  • install self discipline and self -worth

Mediums associated through which our methods are used

  • Cultural Showcases and Productions
  • Cultural Arts and Martial Arts Classes on Demand
  • Professional Service such as Money Management and others
  • Creative Arts Employment and Programs
  • Community Projects that involve art and the environment
  • Festivals
  • Artistic and Literal Historical Displays via the web or physical
  • Technology
  • Visual Art
  • Civic Beautification and Project Consulting