Solel International advocates for the spectrum of arts to connect communities and preserve culture, for future generations.

Solel International is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to ignite passion for human environmental unity and empowerment through the Arts, Culture, History, Media, Diversity and professional services.

We use our methods to:

  • Expand the experiences of the underprivileged and overlooked all over the world creating a more open global and local impression
  • Restore confidence and connectedness
  • Expose others to the creative spirit diversity has to offer
  • Install self discipline and self -worth

Mediums associated through which our methods are used:

  • Arts and Community Consulting
  • Cultural Showcases and Productions
  • Cultural Arts and Martial Arts Classes on Demand
  • Professional Service such as Money Management and others
  • Creative Arts Employment and Programs
  • Community Projects that involve art and the environment
  • Festivals
  • Artistic and Literal Historical Displays via the web or physical
  • Technology
  • Visual Art
  • Civic Beautification and Project Consulting

In military Danny Asberry El become the only Draftsman of Moorish-American or Autochthonous descent in the military.

Then later a government liaison and mass communications specialist, an assignment to Asia left him forever changed. He experienced true freedom of expression due to the kind nature of the people he has met around the world. He was even surprised to find out that people half a world away knew of his ethno-nationality and history .

After completed seven years of his military service, Danny returned home to Texas, where he experienced hardships and culture-shock due to racism, people’s general lack of knowledge, the housing crisis and soon after Hurricane IKE passed through city causing flooding, wind damage and widespread power failures. He then joined AmeriCorps to train in community building to pull communities together after the aftermath.  During this time the groups that he was assigned to help, helped him instead. In the midst of going through so much despair, a local Houston Community asked him to create a festival and a created the A-Fest. The A-Fest attracted Houstonian’s that were from all over the world and since no one had a concentrated place to collectively tell their stories through the art at the time, he was asked to keep it going.   This helped Asberry El to heal the shock that he felt when he first arrived in Houston in late 2007. Based upon first hand experiences of what is needed to provide cultural storytelling and inclusion beyond government programs, while honoring the communities that were rebuilding, Danny established and founded Solel Intentional.


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  • No Healthcare Coverage
  • (1) Season ticket to a Solel Show
  • Free Financial Literacy Training
  • Free Podcast Hosting Opportunity
The Emerald
  • Affordable Health Care Coverage
  • $0 Copay Imaging
  • Virtual Physician
  • Dental Discounts
The Onyx
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  • Behavioral Health Doctor
  • Option to include Cancer Coverage Vision or Catastrophic Coverage
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The Houston Art That Made History

We at Solel International are proud to have been chosen by several communities to visually tell their stories through visual and multimedia representations. Our work typically brings people together, create community ownership of its branding, history and collective character.


It’s a Family Affair: Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa

Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa captured America’s heart by bringing an ancient people to light through fashion


Cultural Etiquette Around the World

IN THE END WE’RE ALL THE SAME…We are here to show everyone that cultural etiquette extends beyond race or religion. We all have a common ground to build relationships. Solel International’s President Danny Asberry El and Board Member International Artist Richmond “Hotline” Shaw demonstrate this.