Current Campaign

Youth Entrepreneurship Forum 


Purpose: To provide young entrepreneurs/family members in the local community a chance to have their child’s small business invested in.

Need: Parent-child entrepreneurship relationships among at-risk and the general Houston populus experience a lack of more outward support, knowledge, cultivation and resources. This is our chance to change that and add more representation to the landscape from companies that care.

When: Our goal is to have to the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum on June 16, 2018 at HCC Southeast Campus. Sponsorship Deadline is May 31st, 2018.

Target Audience: Child Entrepreneurs and their Parents in the at-risk and general Houston Metro communities.

As we all know The parent-child relationship is very valuable in today's’ society. Our Youth Entrepreneurship Forum event will plant the seed to build young entrepreneurs and assist parents to nurture their growth. Parents will come to learn how to facilitate their child's dreams. Kids will work with professors to develop their entrepreneurship skills. By doing so we are building a bridge between family and business. Feedback will be provided by potential investors.


Our current community enhancement project is in partnership with Uplyft Studios (a Houston based mobile app development firm that creates applications, publish apps for clients, and host community building events) and the highly acclaimed Houston Community College Southeast entrepreneurship department.

This sponsorship opportunity will further position your niche as a philanthropic leader in the community. Help us change the way people look at children through the medium of the arts and entrepreneurship. Many of these individuals have special talents that they can tap into if given the opportunity. As a company we want to utilize our talents to Create, Lead, Inspire and Transform the community at large.

You company is  not only sponsoring the dream of one child. The event will lead to many other children with similar backgrounds being represented in a awesome fashion.

Benefitting Program: Solel International After School Program in Partnership with Houston Community College (HCC) gives students the ability to hone their talents throughout various art mediums and STEM. A majority of the students are at-risk youth throughout the Houston Metropolitan area.

Solel International is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to ignite passion for human environmental unity and empowerment through the Arts, Culture, History, Media, Diversity and professional services. We are also dedicated to improving quality of life of all people.

Youth Entrepreneurship Forum