Arts Envoy

Ruban Moreno

Ruben Moreno
Creole/Chicho Zydeco Musician playing Live.


The Arts Envoy Program shares the best of the U.S. arts community with the world to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration and to demonstrate shared values and aspirations.

American arts professionals-- including performing artists, visual artists, poets, playwrights, theatrical and film directors, curators, and others-- travel overseas to conduct workshops, give performances, and mentor young people. Programs seek to connect with international publics who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with American arts professionals.

International Arts professional will also express their niche with the American public as well. 

Concentrated areas are:

  • Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Lockhart, Australia
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This Project serves as a mission of peace through music in it's original authentic fashion. Your sponsorship of Solel international shall serve as a conduit for many cultural fusions, shared experiences, and comprehensive cultural understandings amongst the United States and the world.