Discover Study Initiative


Before the binds of colonialism the world was free, boundless and harmonious. The Discover Study initiative as an ongoing project the does three things:

1.) Reveal more facts from the past

2.) Close the gaps of cultural divides caused by the onset of colonialism

3.) Provide a platform for DNA Study, Family Study, Acknowledgment to Autochthonous Peoples and storytelling from the lens of the renaissance of forgotten peoples. 

The Discover Study Initiative produces the following projects. 

The Brown Boy Project

Headed by Ruben Moreno, the Brown Boy project uses the DNA of music the piece together the past, present, and future of the influencers music of the world. He covers the genre of Zydeco, Salsa and Moorish styles of music that signal migration peoples and tones. 

The Solel International library of information. 

Solel International's library of information holds little known facts that can create the conversation of other historical possibilities that are left out of places such as public schools  and other everyday reading. Without knowledge of the past we become repetitive in our processes and maintain the lack of self awareness. Without this, can you remain a whole person?

Access the Solel International Library of Information Here


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Artwork Courtesy of Craig C The Artist