Getting Unstuck: Unblocking Chakras & Identifying Stagnant Emotions

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Image by Sean O.

About the Course

Discover a simple, personalized approach to discover the root cause of your unwanted habits, belief patterns, or repetitive situations that ALWAYS seems to happen to you. Guided by Speaker and Yogi Rishi Sensei Shui, you’ll gain a flexible framework for finding the root causes for the ruts that you always seem to get stuck in. You will find power and comfort in making difference choices and taking responsibility for your life; remember to keep and open mind and be gentle and kind.

This Easy-to-follow lesson include how to:

  • Transform your mindset from confused to empowered

  • Discover a simple step-by-step framework to identify root causes of unwanted behaviors

  • Empower yourself with strategies for exiting “The Rut”

Plus, Sensei Shui reveals his story and intimately walks you through the exercise and gives tips and tricks to recall childhood memories and simple logic.

This 30-minute class is packed with actionable methods, first-hand experience and valuable resources of knowledge to help you navigate the uncomfortable aspects of life. By the end, you’ll have more clarity of the mechanisms of your mind, how the law of attraction works and finish empowered to make a series of small adjustments to sum up to a brighter path of life, step-by-step, making your way out of the Rut!

Want to stop making the same mistakes, but not sure how?

You have the power to make small changes in your life, those series of small changes will guide you to a new destination!


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