Solel International

Solel International Course Offerings

For the most up-to-date listing of current courses counting towards the Solel International Certificate of Completion, refer to below class offerings on this page. 

Approved Courses

A0001: Martial Arts
SOLELINT 0001: Redwood Shotokan Karate Instruction

SOLELINT 0002: Klunga Ngolo Capoeira 

A0002: Technology
SOLELINT 0003: App/Software Development 

A0003: Music                            

SOLELINT 0004: Basic Instrument Class

SOLELINT 0005: Mid-Level Instrument Class

SOLELINT 0006: Advanced Instrument Class

A0004: World Study   
SOLELINT 0007: Cultural Education Classes/ Engagement

  • Southern U.S. 
  • Cuba
  • Brazil
  • Panama

A0005: Entrepreneurship

SOLELINT 0008: Business  Finance Course

A0006: Performing Arts/ Dance

SOLELINT 0009: Acting

SOLELINT 0010: Samba Instruction

SOLELINT 0011: Salsa Instruction

SOLELINT 0012: Modeling/Fashion

A0007: Visual Communications (VISCOM)

SOLELINT 0013: Artist Etiquette/Engagement

SOLELINT 0014: Community Branding

SOLELINT 0013: Artist Development

SOLELINT 0015: Art for Beginners Class

Current Locations

  • St Paul Missionary Baptist Church
  • Change Happens in 3rd Ward
  • Houston Community College