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We love combining education with fun filled festivals. This is how we’re celebrating music and the arts, and how we’re creating a place for artists to discover and join forces with like-minded people who share their vision. Our programs also appeal to young adults who wish to learn or rediscover an activity. We provide classes in a number of subjects, and we feature both traditional and non-traditional activities. We encourage students to meet new friends, conduct research, engage local businesses, and contribute to the community around them.

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Aug 15, 2022
9:30 am
November 25, 2022
9:30 am

Traditional karate will give students the discipline lacking in many households which is essential in aiding student development and lessening the burdens of conflicts in the classroom. Students identify and describe cultural practices in selected regions or countries and will receive local and foreign language skills such as Japanese, Spanish, corrective English and they will become better communicators.

We allow students to demonstrate competency in movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms. Students will experience an increase in social development.

The student also develops positive self-management and social skills needed to work independently

and with others in physical activity settings. Students participate in establishing rules, procedures, and etiquette that are safe and effective for specific activity situations and handle

conflicts that arise with others without confrontation. Students are trained to distinguish between compliance and noncompliance with rules and regulations and apply agreed upon consequences when officiating. We will make sure that students understand and apply safety practices associated with physical activities.

Curriculum aligning with TEKS chapter §116.22(b)

1-7, TEKS §116.23 and TEKS §114.32. §110.57.