Are you so stressed you just can’t anymore? Learn techniques to manage your mind!

Whether you’re looking to change careers, get out of debt, or save for your next big trip, you’ll gain a simple framework to manage your stress & anxiety, take accountability for your life, and create that internal space of peace and tranquility. Join Sensei Shui, inspirational speaker, certified yoga instructor & vibrational healer to help you in your journey to a peaceful life. 

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About the Course

In this beginner level class, you are going to learn the 7 Mindfulness Techniques, giving you the knowledge and skills, you need to reduce stress and manage anxiety in your life. Through firsthand experience, research and self-reflection, Sensei Shui has laid out the fundamentals for a peaceful life…even when your surroundings are crazy!

Creating a peaceful life is not about avoiding all responsibility and separating from society, rather, it is about accepting the nature of your mind and learning to dance and flow with it.

In this enlightening and mind-expanding class, you will:

  • Build a Deeper Connection to Self by learning how to be kinder to yourself

  • Create Peace of Mind with simple techniques to shift your mindset into a positive space

  • Grasp Control of Your Destiny by programming your mind with gratitude

  • Gain Insight on Your Habits through Sensei Shui’s reflection methods and frameworks

  • Discover Life Changing Techniques to manage stress & anxiety without substances

Download Sensei's custom-created workbook to follow along throughout the class and have the resources for all the life changing information you are about to learn

This class is for anyone who wants to learn new techniques manage their stress and anxiety, regardless of age, level, or lifestyle. All that is required is an open mind.


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