"intertwine" memberships

A Solel Membership means you’re part of a community of creators, curators and patrons who care about strengthening creative opportunities in America.

With membership perks like season passes to exclusive events, discounted services including but not limited to partnered discounts from third party companies, business web building and health and wellness services, Solel is your one stop shop for everything artistic and cultural.
We are proud to offer affordable healthcare for our members through our annual membership. With options for individuals and families, Solel Plus includes coverage for your family’s primary care physician, as well as dental, vision and prescription benefits. With packages that start as low as $10/month or cover up to $1 million per family, we have something for everyone.

The Solel membership has been designed to offer you the most value, and is customizable to fit your needs. Solel is a membership platform that allows you to have access to high-quality healthcare at an affordable price. We provide health care plans for individuals and families, as well as group plans for businesses and organizations. You can also purchase dental coverage through Solel.

Join our non-profit organization at a reduced price and receive exclusive benefits that are designed around you. Memberships involve perks such as season passes to our exclusive events, discounted services such as health care and wellness services, business web building, first time entrepreneurial classes and video services and educational platforms.

Distinctive Benefits & Services

You have a choice of 7 membership levels to fit your needs or the needs of someone you love. You can also sponsor a membership for others as a gift. Our memberships are fused with our health care for creatives program! Be a part!

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